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"It's not about how much you give, but how much LOVE you put into giving."

giving with love started this conversation
I am from the Inland Empire (CA) and I'm looking to get in touch with people who need help with Christmas presents for their children. I am dedicating this Christmas to giving rather than receiving, since I have realized I don't need any more stuff. I have asked my loved ones if they wish to give me something to please buy things I can give to others who truly need it, and I will only include in my list those whom I feel would really benefit from receiving presents, not only because they would feel good about it but also because they would receive things they really need. I'm not rich, nor do I have a lot of money, I work as a server and make minimum wage + tips. I have a beautiful niece and an amazing nephew and they're going to have a nice Christmas and I want to make this possible for other children whom might otherwise not be able to. Send me a message if you or someone you know would like to be included in my Christmas list, make sure to include what city you live in since I'm trying to do this locally trying to avoid shipping expenses.
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Blessings to u,I'm here actually looking for help,but have spent more time trying to encourage and share things like and the free section in Craigslist. As a mom just thinking about my own children's faces ,in the place of these stories tears me up. I've probably spent two hours trying to make sure certain folks here about the resources I've found.
I live in PA so I couldn't ask for help,but I just wanted to thank you sincerely for your heart.
I haven't seen my youngest due to issues with my ex and the location of where he lives compared to me. I have gotten to talk to him with the phone but am aching to see him in person. If I would have the money my car won't make it.I'm hoping things turn around this coming year. If u know of any places giving away of gas vouchers or gas cards,please keep me in mind.I can't wait to breathe in the "smell" of him and hold him on my lap,before he gets too big for it.
Anyway,bless u for your kindness.
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i wished there were more like u .i really could use ur help but unfortunately i live too far away i live in columbus ga.keep doing what u do and u will greatly be rewarded!thanks for sharing ur luv.
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Hello, I have never done anything like this before and I am not local in fact I am all the way in Northern, KY. I have a 10 year old son and to be honest I have been out of work and barely scraping by on odd jobs for far too long now. I don't want to go on and on about my sad story but I have posted the reason that I was brought to this site already and if you still have the time, resources or even the desire to help then please take a look at my post about Christmas on here. I wont send you message after message begging you and to be honest I realize that you have no real reason to help any of us on here except for having a kind heart, which I applaud you for. In closing if you could please read my post on Christmas and if you feel that you can help me or refer me to anyone or any organization then I would greatly appreciate it. I hope that you have a wonderful night and that you are happy, healthy, and safe. Thank you for you time and any reply you could give me!
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3 & twins
Hello giving with love. I am a mother of 14 month old twins a three year old and 14 year old i ask the Lord to send one of his Angels to help my children im a single struggleing parent that always put God first than kids then self comes last its hard for me with a set of twins now i work to pay Bills to keep my Babies in a dage envirment all i ask for is. a helping hand not for me but my babies i wish i could give them what they want. i feel likr they are being robbed in life because i can only afford with the twins to buy one item for them to 3 year old always say mommy dont worry God is going to help us.And my 14 said he the only present he wants for christmas is to see his brothers and sister happy on Christmas.Tears started to roll and is rolling as i speak.PLEASE REACH OUT AND TOUCH EVEN IF ITS ONLY WITH A PRAYER MAY GOD BLESS US ALL! WITH LOVE! FROM:3 &Twins
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that is really sweet
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That's so kind of you i'm sure you will find plenty of family's in need right close to your own backyard . God bless you hon .
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